Antonio Cota

Hi, the one above is my name and I'm a Software Engineer.
Currently I live in a container with my three children: Java, PHP and Python. Java is 11 years old and she is the more strict between my sons, things must always be as she says, if you try to do otherwise, well, I wouldn't want to be in your shoes. PHP is 7 years old, he had a tough year the past year, we didn't even celebrate his 6th birthday, however he is growing strong and is changing so fast that sometimes I can't buy him any clothes that I have to buy new ones right away. Last, Python, is the youngest one, he is only 3, but despite this he is very smart, dynamic and, above all, he is very tidy boy: he always puts his toys back in place they belong. In the weekends we generally go, by our own cloud, to the AWS park and have some fun together.
I also used to have a wife, Server, but we broke apart a few time ago. Now I'm dating a new girl, her name is Serverless, we are having a great time together and I think we will have more in the years to come.
If you could help us keep feeding and make our dreams come true I would appreciate it very much.
Thank you and may the old and new gods be with you!